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The future of rural communities is in question. 

Our answer includes entrepreneurship as a driver of rural economies, rural-urban linkages as a source of innovation and resilience, and policy and practice that promotes rural participation in equitable development.

Rural Entrepreneurship. Rural entrepreneurs play a unique role in building wealth and in their communities. Through workshops, networking and training, we help grow the capacity of rural entrepreneurs to achieve success and grow their impact.

Rural-Urban Linkages. Rural and urban communities are inextricably linked through a complex web of interactions and flows of people, goods, information and natural resources. Building and strengthen linkages between rural and urban communities is both a strategy and an outcome of our work.

Policy & Practice. The experience of small business owners, entrepreneurs and local leaders working on the ground in their communities is knowledge that should inform policy and practice. Through a Community of Practice model, we will engage policymakers and development practitioners in this local knowledge and help change their view of rural communities. 



For more information about these project and ways you can participate, email Rebecca Platel or call 518-797-5100